We are born towards the sun, and we strive hard on the way

                        We insist on independent and innovative technology research and development and have achieved fruitful results.
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                        Enterprise architecture
                        • The company's management team should represent the overall interests of all shareholders and take into account the concerns of all relevant stakeholders to maintain the company's sustainable development. Through democratic and sound decision-making procedures, it should ensure the safety and integrity of company assets and strive to continuously increase the value of the company.

                        • We have a strong team with complementary skills that can take the company to a new level.

                        • Gubang Headquarters
                          Jimei Industrial Park, Furong Road, Songgang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen
                          phone: 0755-27264889
                          email: gubang@gubang.cc
                        • International Business
                          phone: 0755-27232113
                        • Domestic business
                          phone: +86 755 27244655